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Software development

Web Application Development

We are dedicated software development team with a solid technical background and a deep understanding of industry-specific challenges. We’ve supplied the most efficient custom solutions from scratch for European and Latin America clients, including startups and growing companies. Our team ensures that your ideas and requirements turn into actionable products ready to take the market by storm.

You get:
⁃ Software Product Development
⁃ Enterprise Development and Automation
⁃ Legacy Application Modernization
⁃ Testing and QA
⁃ Software Integration
⁃ Consultancy and Innovation
⁃ Business Analysis
⁃ Maintenance and Support

We build:
• Enterprise Software Solutions
• Cloud-Based Apps
• Desktop Apps
• ERP Software
• Web Portals
• Payment Services



Mobile App Development

Tech Stack We Deliver
⁃ Node.JS
⁃ Golang
⁃ Vue
⁃ React.JS
⁃ JavaScript
⁃ Java
⁃ Kotlin


Top-Grade Security

As a custom software development team with vast expertise, we know that bespoke software is better equipped against security and data privacy threats. We’ve built many applications and systems that meet the most stringent security requirements and protect sensitive data. Our team utilizes the most innovative technologies to ensure built-in security.


With custom software, you have what you need to focus on the target audience with precision. With years of experience ReactorTechGroup Dev Team is ready to build products around your goals and include all the requirements. Our custom solutions ensure peak productivity and optimize business processes right for your company.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Custom software development lets you create solutions that keep flying once released to production. We ensure that your software stays in sync with your business and adjusts to any changes on the market as long as you want. There is no time limit for our custom software solutions.

Full Control

With custom software development, you invest in the product that will belong to you and no one else. Our clients control and own the software without limitations and don’t have to pay licensing or royalty fees. So, instead of spending money on someone else’s software that has to comply with specific rules

Payment gateway integrations

When it comes to payment gateway integration services, you should be aware that they are a supplier service given by way of an e-commerce application carrier firm. For a variety of agencies, this carrier issuer permits credit card or direct payment processing. The ecommerce payment gateway integration connects to in-house price processors such as credit card networks or internet banking with ease. The payment gateway integration is a third-party way for merchants and customers that safely takes the buyer’s money and deposits it in the merchant’s bank account.

Personalized Solutions For High Quality Payment Gateway Integration

Our clients benefit from our tailored solutions and amazing pay stack payment integration services. Our certified developers are experienced in integrating Magento stores with a variety of payment gateways to accept all major credit and debit cards from all around the world.
Our developers integrate bank price gateways into our clients’ eCommerce website. Magento ecommerce payment gateways provided by FounTech Group allow real-time access and on-the-spot transactions with high conversion rates for your customers. All of the major charge modules and their APIs are well-known to our team of seasoned PHP, Java, Python and JS developers

FounTech Group Payment Gateway Integration Services Have The Following Advantages

  • Allows you to save all charge methods online.
  • Adding a few additional currencies allows clients to store money all over the world.
  • Multilingual assistance
  • Optimizing the global stylish shop

Payment systems