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We analyse the site, check its technical condition and use of SEO-elements. SEO audit is the first step in any site optimization process. SEO audit is the first step in any site optimization process. If the client has already conducted a SEO audit and wants to receive only certain services, for example, external optimization, we can omit this item.

As part of SEO services, site optimization begins with an audit, followed by technical improvement of the site along with its content, competitor analysis and external SEO optimization. During the optimization process, we track results and monitor competitors to adjust the proposed SEO strategy if necessary.

The first step in optimizing a website is to make it easier for search engines to index it. This means eliminating broken links (links to non-existent pages), reducing the number of redirects, ensuring the functioning of the site on various devices (computers, tablets, smartphones). For small projects, technical SEO can only be performed once – at the very beginning. The exception is situations where technical problems make it difficult to analyze and index Google content.

During the study, data are prepared for the development of SEO-strategy and further work on internal and external optimization of the site.

Keyword research is one of the most important points in SEO. You can write the best text in the world, but if you don’t include specific, relevant keywords, no one will find it. In the process of research, we find keywords that Internet users search most often in this industry, as well as those that are most valuable and by which it is easier to achieve results.

Within the framework of SEO optimization, among other things, you will also receive the most valuable keywords. They are the foundation on which further actions are built – SEO strategy, content development, external optimization.

This step includes improving content and other internal site items. At this stage, we ensure that Google’s internal optimization correctly recognizes the content and its value.

We pay special attention to the title, description (META-information), image and internal links of the site, as well as optimization of the structure and URL-link. We check the site for duplicate content and problems with redirecting internal pages (redirects).

Internal SEO optimization helps to create a site that is convenient for users and search engines.

  • After site preparation is completed, we perform SEO optimization outside the page.
  • At this stage, we develop a strategy for external optimization and promotion of the web page. We create relevant external links, increase the visibility of your site and the number of backlinks.
  • External links are an important signal and allow the search engine to better understand the content and importance of the website. This is one of the key steps, especially in those industries where competitors are already actively taking advantage of SEO.

Work on the creation of links is being carried out gradually. This takes into account the progress of your website to date, the analysis of competitors and the available budget. The number and type of external references are selected individually for each client.

When the work is completed, the customer receives a report summarizing the SEO and optimization services performed, recommendations for further actions, and other important information (depending on the options selected). We can agree on the further provision of services if you are satisfied with the result. In the case of long-term cooperation, monitoring of the site and keywords is provided. This approach allows you to record the actions of competitors, changes in positions in Google and take the necessary steps to restore or improve positions.

SEO is an optimization of the website for the needs of Internet search engines in order to attract more visitors from Google and other search platforms. As part of the optimization, the structure, content and code of the site are supplemented, external links are created and other measures are taken to improve the position of the site in the results of search engines.

+ benefits of SEO optimization:

  • Improved website quality, visibility and reliability;
  • Increase traffic to your site;
  • Higher visibility and visibility of the brand on the Internet;
  • Lower advertising costs;
  • Best positions in Google search results;
  • New customers
  • Long-term investments in the development of the company, which bear fruit even when no other marketing practices are applied.

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