TechReactGroup is a global high-tech company founded in 2014 by a group of international investors. Our business covers many fields of operations such as e-commerce with native call centers and production of our own brands; affiliate marketing, traffic and lead generation, fintech, software development, blockchain projects with AR and VR. The total staff of the company includes more than 800 people.

About Us

Reactor tech Group

The company’s management uses modern methods of decentralization and a “distributed ledger based on nodes” with elements of the defi approach in financial management. This ensures stable growth of the company and helps to avoid any significant risks associated with negative global processes. This approach contributes to the professional and career growth of employees within the company. It is a common practice for the company when a call operator in a short time was upgraded to an operational director with several hundred employees and rapidly increases his income.

The company operates in the following countries:

• Europe: Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, France, Belgium, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic.

• Latin America: Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile.

• Africa: Nigeria, Ghana.

• India: in the process of opening.

There are legal structures and operational offices in Portugal, Hong Kong, Russia, Latvia. Business processes in different countries determine the international status of the company and contribute to the constant cultural exchange between colleagues. Ability to relocate allows employees to move between the company’s offices in different countries with no limits.


We Do


We sell our brands on three continents. We have our own infrastructure for the production of our brands, supply chain companies and call centers for the successful sale of products. The affiliate program allows to effectively make traffic and generate thousands of leads daily.

Affiliate program

The Affiliate Program is a specially developed performance-based marketing plan for affiliates, the purpose of which is business promotion and lead generation. Our affiliate network is partnered with more than 17,000 active affiliates around the world who receive a reward for each relevant lead they generate.

Traffic and lead generation

Media-buying teams specialize in lead generation and use advertising platforms such as Google, Instagram, Mobile Apps, and other services to in order to generate traffic, increase sales and monetize the social media audience.

Software development

Our own infrastructure is aimed for designing and developing software using cross-platform solutions, which is based on the AGILE methodology. Many high-load services have been implemented.

Financial technology

Our own payment system is licensed by a European bank that allows to open accounts, issue virtual cards and conduct financial transactions around the world, and it also has its own application with a lot of functions for managing electronic payments on desktop and mobile devices.

Crypto AR/VR

We are developing the world’s first offline crypto hotel, which is an augmented reality to a virtual hotel in different Metaverse platforms (Decentraland, The Sandbox, Minecraft, etc) and is going to be built on an area of 37 hectares in the tropical forests of Costa Rica. Solidity Hotel is a unique development project that combines wildlife and modern technology with the addition of AR/VR.

Reviews from our clients.

Our company appreciate the opportunity to cooperate with ReactorTech Group at business process fulfilment options. After we started use available services Renodas offered our customer satisfaction level, sales and warehouse system accuracy have increased times. Tools available by Fountech Group let grow our company much faster than it was previously. Integrating all significant commerce parts at every business step we make daily ensure company’s market expansion growth strategy. As a result our responsible cooperation here, logistics full services included, perspectively improves turnover and brand loyality..

Stoyan Manev
CEO of PinoMedoro s.r.l.

Collaboration with ReactorTech Group at ecommerce market let us be sure that our customers receive the best service practice during everyday shopping wherever it is. Although we sell our products for individuals as well as companies, Fountech Group offered solutions let us operate easy and fast, helping make business customer-centred.

Sorofanovs Marks
CEO of Lotaci S.L.

As soon as we started use ReactorTech Group services within our business processes it helped improve company’s technology level and digital development. At this moment there are more advantages at our partnership included: faster purchase operating, cost reducing, flexibility for customers, up-to-date product listings, remote warehouse management.

Ivans Kurlovs
CEO of Radeluna LTD

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